Bending glass

Bending is a thermal process of forming a glass into space forms. Depending on the needs, glass is bended in one or two axes, in radius or as a free surface. It is possible to bend all kinds of glass of thickness 4-19mm up to maximum dimensions of 200x350x70cm. Bended glass can be used within the thermal insulating packages within laminated anti vandal and bulletproof glass. Bent glass can be cut into different shapes, drilled and painted later.

Manufacturing process starts by creating vector drawings used for titivation of tools for bending. Titivated tool is placed in the workspace of the folding machine it coats with a special fireproof material so the glass after bending retains a smooth surface. Prepared and processed glass is placed precisely on the markers indicated on the tool by which the bending process begins. Depending on the dimensions, thickness of the glass and the desired shape bending process lasts up to 4 hours and is divided into several phases. The glass heats in stages up to a certain temperature, and then maintains at a temperature of about 750C and then cools down at certain intervals. The complete process is controlled by a computer system in order to ensure maximum quality of the final product.