Fire glass

Fire glass is manufactured like laminated glass connected with special mixture resistant to high temperatures. Depending on the level of protection can be a double-layer or multilayer. They are made in special circumstances with the help of modern technology and with the help of special chemical compounds. Exposing glass to high temperature for a long period of time leads to chemical reactions in the layer between glasses. Compound expands and in further exposure to the heat creates an impenetrable barrier.

KONKAV KONVEKS is representative of fire glass of all levels of protection "PYROBEL" a reputable world producer "AGC". Levels of protection of "Pyrobel" glasses that are made ​​are: 30, 60, 90,120 min. "Pyrobel" glasses are cut in all dimensions with a special tool in order to leave the inner, fire resistant protective layer undamaged, so it can properly exercise its function in case of fire. After cutting the edges of each glass panel it must be protected by a special aluminum tape which is resistant to the high temperature. Only after this procedure, the glass can be installed on the buildings. Fire glasses are installed in fireproof steel profiles in order to fully ensure the protection against fire.

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