Sandblasting glass

Sandblasting is the technological process of surface, mechanical processing of flat and curved glass in which in a special chamber abrasive (special granulation sand) under pressure and to a certain speed is applied to the surface. With this procedure we achieve different decorative elements such as: tarnishing, shallow engraving and making motifs. Application of the abrasive is done automatically by a mechanical hand, achieving homogeneity and uniformity of the matt surface. In addition to automatic, the glass can be sandblasted by hand, in order to achieve different effects.

The process of tarnishing besides sandblasting is done chemically, by applying the acid which corrodes the surface layer and that way creates the matte effect.


All types and thickness of glass can be sandblasted and that way they achieve different effects. Such processed glass is widely used in both interior and exterior. It is en excellent choice for the space rearrangement in conditions of insufficient lightning.