Laminating glass

Lamination is a process of merging two or more glass, under the effect of heat and pressure in controlled conditions, in order to improve mechanical features and glass safety. Glasses are merged by a special strong film of thermoplastic polymer-polivinibutiral ("PVB") that can be transparent, semi-transparent, opaque or colored. "KON-PLEX" laminated glass merge with a "PVB" film of a German producer "TROSIFOL" in various thicknesses in maximum dimensions of pieces 400x200cm. In case of breaking such glass does not spill, but remains in one piece.

Within the laminated glass it is possible to combine straight and curved glass of a different type: tempered, ornament, painted, reflective, enameled or printed. With these multiple combinations glass are formed in many levels of protection for different use.

Products from the laminated glass

-Anti vandal glass Antivandal glass.pdf

-Bullet-proof glass (safety levels: 9mm Para, 357 magnum, 44 magnum, Kalashnikov, Nato) Bullet-proof glass.pdf

-Glass-laminated packages for special purposes (floor, fences, staircase, canopies)


-Exchange offices, shelters, banks

-Incasing vehicles

-Shop windows

-Staircases and floors