Policy in menagemnt system

SGS Certificate.pdf

With the statement of the policy in management, the director of the Company KONKAV KONVEKS LLC defines business policy and strategic objectives.

A mission of the KOKNAKV KONVEKS Company is reflected in the design operation and providing the creative work of employers, using all available resources.

A vision of KONKAV KONVEKS is to be always among the top companies creating interior and exterior of the glass.

The strategic objectives are:

- Employees are one of the main supports of our existence and development.

- KONKAV KONVEKS Company must be the name representing a symbol of a quality products and services in the field of glasswork.

- Continuous improvements of managements systems, resulting in improved quality of products and services, which is reflected in satisfying the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

- Selection of suppliers is based on their ability to fulfill defined delivery criteria with a respect to mutually beneficial relations.

- We are constantly investing in a new equipment and technology, at the service of quality products, linking productivity and profitability of the business, taking into account the market trends and the expectations of the users.

- Protection of the environment and a property, prevention of injuries and diseases, ethical relationship with stakeholders.

- Consistent commitment to respect all laws, regulations, standards, statues, contracts, normative and other acts within the scope of the organization.