CNC processing

"CNC" (Computer Numerical Control) processing means, cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, engraving and 3D cutting of all types of glass in a thickness of 3-50mm, maximum size 160x260cm. Fifth-axis "CNC" processing is a contemporary tool without one can not imagine making modern furniture and details in the interior and exterior.

This type of processing allows making all demanding forms and types of glass processing. As the whole process is being done by a computer, the obtained product is made with en excellent precision. The process of making "CNC" processed glass includes several phases. A required form, the necessary openings and engravings are converted into the vector formats by using the "CAD" software after what a G-code is produced, necessary to communicate with the "CNC"-machine. Glass in certain dimensions is placed on the vacuum in the workspace of the machine after what the machine systematically selects tools and begins processing.